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Toll fee Ryaforbindelsen

 Discount  Prepayment  Per passing
 0 %   NOK 100
 30 %  NOK 2800 NOK 70
 40 % NOK 6000 NOK 60
 50 %  NOK 10 000 NOK 50

Toll fee:
Up to and above 3.5 tons allowed total weight: NOK 100.
The collection is automatic. Drive through without stopping.

How to pay:

AutoPASS contracts and tags are available at designated service stations (see map below and «Kr-service» or web). You can choose a standard contract or a contract in which records of collected data are deleted within 72 hours.

Visitors’ Payment
Visitors may register a credit card at www.autopass.no/visitors (Visitors’ Payment) prior to or within 3 days after passing the first toll point. The toll fee will automatically be withdrawn from the account.

Invoice by mail
If you pass without AutoPASS, the vehicle’s licence plate number is registered. If you have not paid in another way, an invoice will be sent to the owner of the vehicle 1-3 months after you passed through your first toll point.